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Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus explained

Casino BonusThe deposit bonus is by far the most lucrative bonus which can be found in the world of online casinos. This bonus, which you will get on top of the amount of money which you deposit on your online casino account, can sometimes see the casino doubling or at times even five times multiplying your deposited sum as a bonus. Also this bonus comes into multiple subcategories which all have their own set of rules. The story we explain below is the standard explanation how these bonuses work – always do read the exact terms of the bonus on the online casino website as the details can differ between casinos and campaigns.

All about deposit bonuses

Registration bonus

The registration bonus (which is also called a sign-up bonus, new player bonus or welcome bonus) are among the most beautiful ones which are issued by online casinos as they constantly try to attract new players and lure gamblers away from other casinos.

Most of the times the sign-up bonus is given as a percentage of the amount of money which you are depositing to the online casino account in play credits. It can be for example the case that a casino says it will match your first monetary deposit by 200 percent. That means that if you transfer 200 euro, you get 200% extra on top of it (so 400 euro more) and will have directly 600 euro on your account to start gambling with. That’s a really nice bonus!

The amount of the registration bonus in percentages depends on the specific campaign which the online casino is running at that specific moment. Sometimes the percentage can be a little bit lower at for example 50%, but sometimes high bonuses of up to 300% can be found. It is however often the case that how higher the percentage is, the more requirements are set by the casino before you can fully unlock it and cash out the bonus and the winnings you earn from it. Do make sure that you have read all the terms so you will not have any unrealistic expectations.

Wagering requirement

One hard requirement which a casino often links to bonuses is a minimum amount of times you have to wage a bet on a game of choice before you can keep the bonus and cash it out. This demand is called the wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is often set in a number of hands at a table game or spins on a slot machine you have to play first, or is set to a certain turnover you need to reach (which is the most common).

We again take a look at our previous example where you deposit 200 euro from your credit card to your online casino account, to which you get a great 200 percent bonus. You have 200 euro of your own cash – plus 400 euro of the casino – makes 600 euros in total on your online casino account. The wagering requirement of the casino in our example is a factor of 30. This means that at a bare minimum you have to wage bets for 30 times 600 euro (makes 18.000 euro) at casino games before you can fully unlock the bonus. Do take note: this does not mean that you have to win this amount or have to lose it, it is the amount you are waging in your bets and is independent from the fact whether you make a profit or are losing money while gambling.

Explaining the wagering requirement in an example

Let’s assume you will start to play roulette and put out twice a bet of 9.000 euro on the colour black. Once the ball drops on red, the other time on black. You will lose your first 9.000 bet, but the second 9.000 EUR bet you waged wins and will be doubled as a result. You are precisely at the starting point where you began with 18.000 euro on your online casino account, but you now managed to fulfil the wagering requirement as you waged exactly the required amount. You have now fully unlocked the 400 euro and can cash it out if that is what you want.

Do note: it can be the case that some games and slot machines do not count towards the wagering requirement or only for a certain percentage towards it. This is often the case with special slots. Do read the requirements and the terms and conditions of each bonus.

Cashable bonuses

The term which you need to be on the lookout for when it comes to bonuses is whether they are cashable or not. Some bonuses are fully cashable – while others are not. We again take our example from above where you are depositing 200 euro and get a bonus of 200 percent, which will get you 400 euro for free on top as a bonus. After a few evenings gambling where you win some, lose some, you managed to reach the wagering requirement and are completely even – with still 600 euro on your online casino account (200 euro from your own deposited money plus 400 euro bonus).

If you reached the wagering requirement the bonus is fully released. If the bonus is fully cashable, it means that the 400 euro bonus will be released from any restrictions and requirements. You can do whatever you want with it, for example asking to have it cashed out to your credit card or bank account if this is what you want.

If the bonus is not cashable whatsoever, it means that you cannot cash out the 400 euro bonus but can keep on playing with it at the online casino. The amount will always remain on your online casino account – until the moment you lose it while gambling. Of course, the winnings you earn from it will be all yours and can be cashed out. Even though this option is less attractive than a fully cashable bonus, it is still always a nice deal as you still get free money from the house which you can use to wage a bet and hopefully earn some nice winnings.

Match bonus

The match or matching bonus is often given by the online casino to their more loyal gamblers who are playing for quite a while with them. It is a sort of gratitude for their loyalty to the casino and a bit of support to keep their customers loyal and prevent them from switching to a rival casino.

As the bonus name already indicates the bonus entails a match of the deposit you are making to your online casino account. If you pay 500 euro with your credit card to the online casino, the house will match this amount by another 500 euro as bonus.

Of course also this bonus will have a few requirements and you will again have to reach the wagering requirement before you can fully unlock the bonus and cash it out. Match bonuses are often communicated by the casino through their own communication channels. It can be that such a new bonus campaign is announced on their website, on the casino app after logging in, or in a newsletter with bonus information (which is always a good thing to subscribe yourself on whenever this is offered by a casino). Of course, we also try to keep you up to date about all relevant casino bonus campaigns on our website.

Reload bonus

The reload bonus is comparable to the match bonus as well as to the sign-up bonus. The reload bonus has in common with the match bonus that it is mostly meant for the frequent gamblers who play with a casino for a while longer (and thus not for new members), but the bonus does differ from the match bonus (and has in common with the sign-up bonus) that it is given as a percentage on the amount you are depositing to your online casino account. Do read the previous chapter about sign-up/registration bonuses back when you want to know more how this bonus exactly works. The only difference with that story is that the reload bonus is given periodically to frequent customers who do already have an account at the casino.

The nice aspect about this bonus is that it is extremely suitable for the gamblers who place their bets weekly or even daily. Let’s say you are a person who pays every week 500 euro to the casino with your credit card, spending about 2.000 euro a month on gambling. That’s all nice and such, and we are sure you have a lot of fun gambling doing this, but it can be even greater when at every deposit you will get a bonus from the online casino.

Weekly bonuses

There are casinos out there who have special campaigns where they give a weekly reload bonus. You would be crazy not to make use of such deals as you can increase your playing money by some big margins. Let’s again take the above example of someone who spends 500 euro per week on gambling. If you play at a casino which regularly gives a 50% reload bonus, you then get a free 1.000 euro bonus on top of the 2.000 euro which you already deposit and gamble each month.

Of course there are again the usual requirements, which are the same as the bonuses we described above. It is often the case that the reload bonus has some more restrictions compared to other bonuses when it comes to the minimum and maximum amount on which the bonus is being levied. A casino can say for example that it only gives a 50% reload bonus on any amount deposited to your online account which is in between 100 and 10.000 euro.

Bonuses for high rollers

The biggest and most fanatical gamblers among us – who wither have the gaming talent or the financial means to wage bets totalling hundreds of euros a day – can gain access to special bonuses by which the casino wants to show gratitude for their loyalty.

These bonuses are often structured in the same way as the bonuses which we mentioned earlier, and often is given as a percentage on the amount which is deposited or paid with credit card to the online casino. There are however also some differences, as many times these bonuses have more favourable requirements and can be unlocked and cashed out earlier. These bonuses are also often limited to a certain maximum amount.

VIP gamblers

These bonuses for high rollers are almost never announced publicly by a casino. Many casinos will contact such ‘VIP gambles’ or high rollers individually, or will put them on a special mailing list where they announce such bonus campaigns. As a fanatical gambler you also have the status that you can contact a casino yourself to discuss bonuses with the casino manager. If you make an acceptable and realistic proposal, for example about a weekly reload bonus, the casino is often willing to accept this if you promise in return to top up your account once a week with a certain amount of money. Many casinos do not want to take the risk of you perhaps taking your business elsewhere to the casino of their biggest competitor.

There are no standard rules when someone is a high roller and when not. It can often also differ between casinos and between situations. Some casinos will look only at how many times a week you are visiting the casino, while other casinos will only look at the amount of money you are betting each time, even though you might only visit the casino once or twice a month.

When will I get a full VIP treatment?

Broadly speaking you will only be considered for VIP treatment if you regularly deposit amounts of a minimum of 3.000 euro per transaction to your online casino account. If you are in a position to gamble with such budgets, we advise you to take a close look what casinos are writing on their websites about high roller bonuses and promotion campaigns, and perhaps even to contact them.

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