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Non-deposit bonus

The non-deposit bonus

Casino BonusThe non-deposit bonus is quite a bit less complicated than the deposit bonus which we talked you through earlier. This bonus is most often given in a certain amount. For example, a casino might offer you 200 euro for free to play with when you register for a new account, even without depositing some money to your online account.

This bonus has its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the deposit bonus. The fact that you have to do nothing else for it and not even have to deposit an amount, makes the bonus amazingly suitable for the beginning gambler or the gambler with not too much money to spend. A disadvantage is that often the requirements of a non-deposit bonus are much more strict than those of a deposit bonus.

All questions and answers about non-deposit bonuses

Wagering requirement

The non-deposit bonus does have a wagering requirement as well, just like we saw earlier with the deposit bonus. You will have to play a minimum amount of times or wage a certain amount of money before the bonus will be fully released. Let’s take the example of a non-deposit bonus of 200 euros for which there is a wagering requirement of 50 times. This means that in total you must have waged 10.000 euro in bets (200 times 50) before the bonus is fully unlocked. You can achieve this for example by betting two euro per time on a slot machine, which then would require you to make 5.000 spins. Only when you reached the wagering requirement can you cash out the non-deposit bonus of 200 euro.

The thing to watch here are the strict requirements, which will be harder to achieve than with a deposit bonus, where you will see that the wagering requirement will be much lower. You will need to break even or win quite some earnings at the online casino before you can unlock the bonus and can cash it out. The chances of this are quite a bit lower than with the deposit bonus. But when we take a look at it from a different point of view, the bonus has a positive side that nothing is required for getting the bonus. It is therefore ideal for new gamblers as well as for experienced gamblers who just want to take a peak at a new casino to see if playing there might be more fun or better for them.

Requirements of the non-deposit bonus

As we written before there can be a so-called wagering requirement – a minimum amount of turns you have to wage some amount of money with casino games before you will fully unlock the casino bonus.

At some casinos the bonus is exclusively reserved for certain games and it is impossible to wage the entire amount at once, but only in smaller percentages of it. It can be the case that you can’t use the bonus money with certain slot machines where you can win a huge jackpot, but only on the standard slots or with table games. Sometimes it can be that a bonus is not given in a certain currency like the euro, but in an amount of free spins on a slot machine.


All details are always described in the terms, so we strongly advice you to read through them.

Different variants of non-deposit bonuses

Except for the non-deposit bonus for new customers which we shortly explained above, there are three other widely used bonuses which all fall under the category of non-deposit bonuses. These are:

– Free spin bonus

– Free play bonus
– Cashback bonus

We will explain these bonuses shortly for you in the text below. These three bonuses can be given both as a sign-up bonus when registering new at a casino, but can also be given to returning customers.

Free spin bonus

This bonus is called the free spin bonus – and it is one of the most popular of bonuses among gamblers. That is not so because this happens to be the most favourable bonus when looking at the monetary value of it – but it is however one of the most fun bonuses according to gamblers themselves.

As you can expect when hearing the term this bonus involves a number of free plays on a slot machine, which can be anything from an old-fashioned fruit machine to advanced slots. The amount of money which you win with the free spins will then be transferred to your online casino account, and can be used to gamble further with at a game of choice.

Sometimes this bonus applies to the slot machine of your choice, although it is often the case that slots with multi million dollar jackpots are excluded. Other restrictions could be the maximum number of pay lines you can play at the same time. Even though old-fashioned fruit machines have only 1 pay line, there are modern slot machines which have dozens of pay lines.

Free play bonus

This bonus is usually given to new gamblers who just completed their registration with an online casino and are about to play for the first time on the website. Often this bonus is issued in an amount of credits – although sometimes it is issued in the currency of the casino.

This bonus works in quite a special way, as the credits you receive are often bound to a time limit. A casino may offer you for example 2.000 credits which you can spend in maximum one hour. Often it is the case that a select number of games are opened for this bonus. You can then use these credits to play your favourite game and hopefully earn quite some credits with it.

Depending on the amount of credits which you manage to get, you will receive a monetary bonus. It can be that a casino which is offering you 2.000 credits as free play bonus has it in their terms that if you have in between 10.000 and 20.000 credits after an hour of free playing, you will receive 200 euro in earnings on your account for free. If you do not reach it, nothing is lost as you only just spent your freely received credits.

Cashback bonus

The cashback bonus can perhaps best be seen as a kind of free insurance on possible losses you make while gambling. This bonus can both be given to gamblers who have just registered and are playing for the first time, as well as to regular customers during promotional campaigns.

The cashback bonus is mostly limited to a certain time frame, certain games, and/or a maximum amount of money. Like always, we strongly advice you to thoroughly read through the terms of the bonus so you know what you are up to and will not encounter surprises.

Example of a cashback bonus

As example we will take a temporary campaign of a casino which gives a 5 percent cashback bonus with roulette. If you happen to lose 1.000 euro on the roulette table, the casino will reimburse 5% of your lost money and thus deposit 50 euro back to your online casino account. Of course this will not make all your losses undone, but it is always a nice gesture and welcome offer of the casino to give these kind of bonuses.

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