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Other bonuses

Other bonuses

Casino BonusThere are a few other bonuses which do not easily fall in the main categories of deposit and non-deposit bonuses. There are two bonuses which are very frequent with online casinos and which we therefore want to discuss in a bit more detail.

Loyalty programmes

There are many casinos who have set up entire loyalty programs for their frequent customers where they reward their best clients for their business. You can compare it with collecting frequent flyer miles, supermarket bonus points, or even an old-fashioned stamp card at your hairdresser where you get a free hair cut after 10 visits. Just like many other frequent customer programmes, the casinos have developed their version into many subcategories, where you can reach all the way from bronze to the highest golden level for example.

The more you bet and the more times you visit the online casinos, the more points you will score. If you end up in the highest categories, you can often get great advantages such as extra bonuses or special promotions.


You often find the situation that in a physical casino the high rollers are treated like royalty by the casino employees. In Vegas it can be that when you really bet the high amounts of money, you can get a free night’s stay in a luxurious suite if you visit the casino again, or a free dinner courtesy of the casino in one of the many restaurants.

Even though this is of course not possible in the online casino world as you might access the casino remotely on your laptop while sitting on your couch, the same principle does apply as well in the virtual world. A casino will always have your personal details and can always contact you by mail or telephone. It does happen sometimes that a casino contacts you with a free gift to thank you for your loyalty.

VIP treatment

Such a VIP treatment can mean something simple like receiving some gift vouchers for online shops for the average gambler, but can truly get spectacular for the real high rollers. We have heard of stories in which the big gamblers get free tickets for the Champions League finals or for another unique event, or get fully paid access to prestigious poker tournaments where normally there is a qualification demand or registration fee of at least 10.000 euro.

These are however unwritten advantages which a casino can offer completely on their own discretion, so we cannot give you any tips how to secure such benefits. It does strongly depend on the online casino where you are playing if they do offer such a VIP treatment in the first place or not.