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Casino games

What kind of games can I play at an online casino?

Almost every online casino offers a broad assortment of games which should keep every gambler satisfied for a long time. Simply put, all the famous games which you know from physical casinos in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo you will also encounter on the websites of online casinos. Even better, the amount of games available at online casinos is often even greater.

A physical casino has of course some limitations when it comes to offering a broad variety of games as they only have a limited floor space in the building they are located in. An online casino does not have this limitation of course. This is why there are not only thousands of slot machines to be found at online casinos, but as well hundreds of table games with different limits where you can play as much poker, blackjack or roulette as you want.

Categories of casino games

Broadly speaking casino games can be divided in three categories:

– Table games
– Slot machines
– Other games

The first category involves the casino games which you play at a specially designed table with a dealer or croupier, think for example of roulette, blackjack or baccarat. The second category are the slot machines or fruit machines – which you play from behind a machine when you are in a physical casino. In the ‘other games’ category are the few games which do not fit in the first two categories such as bingo or scratch cards.


Whatever your favourite casino game might be, you can surely enjoy the wide spectre of games available at the multiple online casinos. Another strong advantage which online casinos have over their physical counterparts is the fact that you can get free bonuses with every transaction you make: you can get free money from the casino to gamble with. Maybe you are not a fan of slot machines when visiting a physical casino, or maybe you dislike roulette. Whatever the case is, we advice you to be open minded and to try out a variety of games. We often hear from people who are positively surprised how much they enjoy an online game over the equivalent game in a physical casino!

Table games

This category involves the most famous of games which are known from the many casino films, or how you imagine a casino to be like when reading a work of literature which is set in a casino. We are talking here about games such as roulette or blackjack, or the lovely old game of baccarat. They all have in common that they are played on a table and are being led by a croupier or dealer. In most cases these games involve cards or dices. Below we have put a short overview of the table games which are offered by online casinos. All these games can be found without doubt at all major online casinos.