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Live Casino Games

With the arrival of modern casino software, fast internet connections and computers, laptops and mobile phones, there is now a unique game experience which online casinos are offering: playing live at real-life tables. Through a webcam you can see precisely how your bets are being placed and how the game is unfolding. It is almost like you are stepping inside a real physical casino even though you might be in your pyjamas in bed! Nowadays this option is available at slightly over half of all online casinos.

How do live casino games work?

The rules of live casino games are of course exactly the same as they would be in a physical casino or while playing the online virtual version of the game. All rules which are for example normally applying to blackjack or roulette, are also valid in the live version of those games.

The big difference is that you are not playing virtually on a screen, but are looking via a webcam connection at a real casino table where only a croupier or dealer is visible to aid the online casino customers. Through a chat programme at the side of the screen – or sometimes even with your own microphone if you decide to choose for this – you can give commands. You can for example tell or point out that you want the croupier to bet 20 euro on number 14 with roulette. Afterwards, the croupier will place the ball in the roulette wheel and you will find out if you win or not. The money will automatically be deducted from your online account – or added if you win.

Advantages of live casino games

Factually speaking there are no real advantages or disadvantages as the game is actually the same whether you play the live version or the virtual version at an online casino. What is different, is the atmosphere surrounding the game, and it depends from you as a person if you like it more or less than the completely virtual gambling games. There are many gamblers who prefer the live games because it makes gambling look so much more realistic as it is just like standing in a real casino. Gamblers who love to socially interact will like the fact that you can chitchat with the croupier, which can be a fun diversion as normally you are seated behind your computer screen all alone and do not have much interaction at all.

There are however also some disadvantages. The pace of the game will be much lower with live casino games compared to the virtual versions of these games. If it is important for you to bet as much as possible in a short period of time, then this might not be the most suitable for you. Another disadvantages can be the bonus system. Sometimes, playing at live casino tables is excluded from bonus schemes at casinos. When for example you have to wage a certain amount of money before you can fully unlock a bonus, it can be the case that playing at live casino games is not taken into account. We always advice you to read through the terms of each casino game and bonus campaign.

Are live casino games safe?

The croupiers and dealers who you see on your screen at live casino games all are fully licensed and everything that happens at the tables is recorded and regularly checked by the gambling authorities of the country where the online casino is based. The rules, regulations and requirements of live casino games are actually not much different at all than those for similar games in a physical casino! You can safely assume that dealers are always honestly shuffling the deck of cards and that also your game of roulette is being played honestly.