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Online Poker

Playing poker in online casinos

Poker is the world’s most popular card game and many gamblers do love to play it. Whether you are playing it at home, in the pub with friends, or are playing several hands in a tournament on an online poker website, the game clearly draws huge crowds. These special poker websites are basically speaking the most popular places for gamblers to wage a bet playing poker. There are not that many online casinos which offer the possibility to play a few rounds of Texas’ Hold’em poker against some other players or even computer opponents as this clearly is the terrain of specialist poker websites. There are however a growing number of casinos which organise online poker tournaments where people can compete for a nice jackpot.

Having said this, there are however a number of poker variants which you can easily find back at online casinos in games where you do take on the dealer. Also poker slots remain among the most popular machines at casinos.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This is one of the most common of poker versions found at online casinos. Caribbean Stud Poker uses a deck of 52 cards. You can play on your own against the dealer, or play with multiple people at the same time against the dealer. The game starts with each gambler waging their bets, this is known as the ‘ante’. Every player gets a hand with five cards, the dealer himself will also give himself five cards, with one of those cards being opened. After studying your cards – and the sole open card of the dealer – you can decide what you do. If you have a good hand you might want to raise your bet.

In the end what matters is who has the highest poker hand. If your hand beats that of the dealer, you win.

Casino Hold’em Poker

This casino game is the one which might most resemble the famous poker game of Texas Hold’em which we know from the many online poker websites and the games with play with our friends. There are however a few differences between Texas Hold’Em and the casino version of it.

Just like with Caribbean Stud Poker the player begins a game of Casino Hold’em by placing his bet (the ‘ante’). You will get two cards from the dealer, who also gets two cards. Goal of the game is of course to reach the best possible hand of five combined cards (the two which you have, plus the three to five cards which eventually are placed in the middle of the table for all).

Decision time

After each player has been given two cards and three cards are being opened in the middle of the table, it is the turn of the player to make a decision whether to continue or not. If you want to continue, you are forced to re-raise your bet with a minimum of two times the ante.

Afterwards, the dealer opens up two more cards in the middle, bringing the total of cards to five there. Making a bet is no longer possible and at this time all hands are simply being compared with the one of the dealer. If your five cards (the two which you got, plus the best three in the middle) are better than the dealer, you win. If not, you will lose your bet.

Other poker games

There are a number of other poker variants which can be found with most online casinos. The most common one besides the games we mentioned earlier is Pai Gow Poker, where you use a deck of 53 cards instead of 52 cards as also a single joker is being used. Another poker variant which can be found at some online casinos is Let It Ride Poker.