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PlayOJO Casino

The first thing that you will notice in the PlayOJO casino is its sharp design on the website – something which can be found back with the many games which you can play at this casino. The casino games, all designed by industry giants such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Amaya, are all a lust for the eye to look at and ensures hours of playing fun. The only disadvantage is that the graphically perfect design can make the website load a bit slow at times, especially if you use a slower internet connection or computer.


Apart from the fact that all games are beautifully designed, graphically of the highest quality and absolutely reliable does PlayOJO also score high rates when it comes to the diversity of the games on offer. This especially is true for the dozens of slot machines which can be played with PlayOJO, but of course also for the classical games such as poker or blackjack. There is clearly something for everyone here.
Playojo creditcard


There are plenty of table games with a diverse array of limits, both for the beginning gamblers as well as for the high rollers. Also at the slots there is something suitable found for everyone. There are however slot machines which are a must for all whatever your personal favourite might be. The Stardust slot machine has for example a jackpot which currently is just under six million British Pound (more than 5 million euro converted). And do count on it that there are enough people winning such prices at PlayOJO Casino.

According to the official data of the casino, a total of 87.853.564 euro has been cashed out to players in the month of September 2018 alone. Maybe you might be one of the lucky gamblers in the months to come? With more than 20 million in total divided among multiple jackpot games it can easily be the case.

Gaming safety

Also the safety is good at PlayOJO. The online casino has all its licences on the island and EU member state of Malta, and is also regularly being checked by strict inspections of the Malta Gaming Authority. Connections are of course completely secured, so you do not have to be worried when filling out your credit card details.


The bonus system has its advantages and disadvantages. At first sight the bonuses which you can get might seem a bit disappointingly low. The casino is only offering 50 free spins on a slot machine after your registration, and no bonus percentage on your first deposit. What is unique at PlayOJO though, is that they have no requirements connected to their offered bonuses. All the money which you win with the 50 free spins you can immediately keep and can in theory cash out immediately as well.

No wagering requirement

The same counts for bonuses which are offered to frequent customers. Where most casinos first demand you to make a certain amount of bets before you can fully unlock a bonus and can cash it out, this is not the case with PlayOJO, which clearly promises that there is never a wagering requirement.

If you are a gambler who is just starting in the world of online gambling or if you are playing with a low budget, this is of course ideal as you do not necessarily need to play a lot to unlock bonuses, which is the case with most other casinos. Even though the bonuses might look relatively low – the fact that there are no requirements is a big plus and something which you do not see easily somewhere else. All the money which you might win with the free bonuses you can keep and cash out immediately!


Apart from credit cards the casino offers bank transfers and e-wallets as pay options if you might not yet have a credit card. Of course we tested the speed of payments with this casino. We can happily conclude that payments, both to the casino as well as cash-outs of our profit were handled quickly. Topping up our online account happened instantly after we filled in all our credit card details, while the paying out of our profits took 3 to 4 days – which is the standard time in the online gambling industry.

High rollers

Also the ‘high rollers’, those who want to gamble big amounts of money, are being cared for at PlayOJO. Those who gamble enough of money to qualify for the special VIP program of the casino will have some nice advantages. PlayOJO promises a dedicated manager in such cases for all your questions and requests, rapid pay-outs, higher limits both at table games and for pay-outs of your winnings, luxurious gifts and not specifically detailed ‘surprises’ – all meant to keep their VIPs happy. PlayOJO already sent some lucky gamblers to Dubai on a free holiday and gave away tickets to the finals at Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

Mobile Casino

PlayOJO Casino is also suitable if you want to gamble using your mobile phone as the casino has special apps for both Apple and Android. This is a very nice advantage as you do not necessarily have to play behind your computer or laptop at home. You can now also access the casino on your way to work from the train, or from bed late at night if you fancy a gamble.


We can wholeheartedly recommend this casino for both the beginning gamblers as well as for those who want to wage bigger amounts of money. The jackpot games are lots of fun and all have multiple millions in the jackpot, while the table games have diverse limits which makes the casino suitable for every gambler independent of how much money they want to spend. When it comes to the design the casino is one of the more beautiful ones on the internet, but do take care that if you use an older computer or internet connection it might be a bit slow.