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Paying at online casinos with your credit card

After you have made an online account with an online casino of your choice you will have to deposit some money in order to start gambling. It does not work like you just give your credit card details once and every spin on a slot machine is automatically deducted afterwards. You can compare gambling at an online casino with gambling at table games such as roulette or blackjack in a physical casino: you will have to buy yourself in by converting some cash money into chips – which in the case of online casinos means buying virtual credits for your online account. If you pay 200 euros at an online casino, that amount is withdrawn from your credit card and will be made available in virtual money on your online casino account. You can only start gambling after first depositing some money.

All questions and answers about paying with a creditcard in a online casino

Can I use my credit card?

Almost every single casino will accept a broad range of credit cards as payment options. Two of the most common credit cards, Visa and MasterCard, are almost always universally accepted when it comes to internet purchases, and the same counts for online casinos as well. The American Express card is a good third option. Do check before you register if your credit card is really accepted at the casino you are eyeing, especially if you have a credit card which is of a different brand than the three credit cards we mentioned here.

It does not matter which bank or credit card company has issued your card – what matters is the brand of the credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etcetera).

How do I pay with my credit card?

Simply put this is not much different than buying an airline ticket or ordering that new sweatshirt at an online webshop. You type the amount of money with which you want to buy yourself in with the online casino, fill out your name, credit card number, lapse date of your card and if needed the verification code on the back of your card.

Most credit cards nowadays have an extra layer of security which involves an extra security question or security code which must be filled in before the payment will be processed. It depends on your bank or credit card company if you have such an extra layer of security and how this works. Some credit card companies have launched a special application which you must start on your mobile phone to receive a security code, while other banks will send you a text message with a security code for each purchase. Another additional security step we see a lot is answering a security question which only you will be able to answer (it might be the case that you might have given such a security question when registering for your credit card).

If you receive this extra security step but have no clue how it works and what you need to fill in? Then either read your old credit card correspondence which you received, or contact your bank or credit card company. The online casino will not be able to help you with this detail.

When the payment is successfully processed, the amount of money will be immediately deducted from your credit card and will be deposited on your online casino account.

What to do if the payment fails?

There can be many reasons why the payment to a casino might not have succeeded. By far the most common reasons have to do with your own situation and not with a possible error on the side of the online casino.

Check first if you did not make a mistake filling in your name and card numbers. A small typo is easily made, but it means of course that the transaction will fail.

The second most common problem is your credit card limit. Most credit cards are limited to a certain amount, most of the times this is 1,000 to 2,000 on standard credit cards depending on the exact bank or credit card company which is issuing them. When you have a 1,000 euro limit, and you already spent 800 euro, you cannot pay another 300 euro to the online casino as you will surpass the limit of the card by 100 euro. The transaction therefore will be automatically blocked and will not be made. You can solve this by paying off the credit card debt – some credit cards will automatically withdraw the open debt from your bank account once a month, while with other cards you have to make sure you pay them off in time by yourself. If you do not know how this works, ask your bank or credit card company.

Safety blocks

A third problem which sometimes does happen are safety blocks out of security reasons. If you have a credit card from a bank or credit card company with strict security rules, it can be the case that certain purchases will be earmarked as being suspicious and will be blocked or temporarily put on hold. This can be the case if you rarely use your credit card at all, but suddenly use it for bigger-than-usual amounts with a casino in faraway countries (for example with a casino based in the Bahamas). In this case you need to contact your bank or credit card company and ask what the reason is why you can’t make the purchase. It can be for example that credit cards issued in Europe might automatically block purchases and transactions to entities outside of the continent and common countries such as the US – and you have to give permission first to loosen the restrictions.

The same can also happen the other way around: some foreign casinos which are not accepting your credit card. In this case it is advisable to contact the casino and read their terms and conditions. It might be the case that a certain casino cannot legally accept players (and their money) from a certain country.

Limits for credit card transactions

As we have written before it can be that a payment is not succeeding because you have surpassed your own limit. But it can also be the exact other way around: a payment is not succeeding because you surpassed the limit of the casino.

Most casinos have maximum limits on single transactions. Even though small-time gamblers can skip this part as it is not relevant for them, it is of importance for those gambling for bigger amounts of money. It is often the case that a casino has set a maximum amount of 4,000 to 5,000 euro for each credit card transaction. It is however often possible to pay a higher amount than that, but you will have to do it in multiple payments. If you want to deposit 10,000 euro to your online casino account you will have to do this in two steps of 5,000 euro for each transaction.

If you want to play for even bigger amounts of money when you have the financial means for it, we advice you to contact the casino in question as they can explain you what the easiest options for you are. In this case, it can be that paying with a credit card is not the best way as it is easier to transfer one giant amount with a bank transfer. Even though this is a lot slower than using your credit card and it can take a couple of days until it is processed, it is often possible that way to top up your online casino account by five or six digit numbers which might not be easily possible using your credit card.

Is it safe to pay with my credit card?

Paying with your credit card is a very safe option as long as you use your own common sense. As we described before, most modern-day credit cards have extra security steps, which prevent others from using your card if it were to fall in the hands of a thief or so.

Even in the unlikely case something bad happens, it is often the case with credit cards that all your purchases are insured. If somebody steals your credit card and managed to buy something before you could block the card, or in the case of an internet criminal who managed to hack your account, you will often see that damages are being reimbursed – no questions asked. Do contact your bank or credit card company if you want to know more about your insurance policy of your credit card.

Own computer and internet network

Make sure you always use your own computer, laptop or mobile phone and are on your own internet network. The chance that evil people are stealing your information is much bigger if you are using a public computer or network, such as one at a station, in a shop or at an airport. We strongly advise you to only make banking transactions from your own computer on a secured network – preferably that at your home or a trustworthy friend or business.

It is also important to make sure your own digital environment is being secured. You can do this by making use of a modern mobile phone, computer or laptop which has the latest operating system and software installed. The chances of a hack or leak are much greater with computers which might still run on Windows XP than on on computers using Windows 10 for example. Exact the same counts for the software which you use: always make sure you have the latest version installed of your internet browser and make sure you use a virus scanner on your computer.

Are all casinos offering safe credit card payment methods?

Besides the fact that some gamblers might perhaps be a bit worried about the safety of online credit card payments, others might be worried if their money is safe with the online casino after having deposited a certain amount on your online casino account. Luckily the great majority of all online casinos which are offering their services are reputable and make for a safe playing environment. All casinos which we are recommending on are reliable ones where you can rest assured that your payments and gambling activities are safe. There are no reasons to get worried as each day millions of people are gambling online without problems. Having said that, there are a few online casinos which do not take regulations and safety precautions in such high esteem.

It is therefore important to know whether the casino you are eyeing belongs to the great majority of safe casinos, or if it is one of the more dodgy casinos which may deceit you or where your data might be stored in an unprotected environment where in an unlucky case it can be easily accessed by hackers. You can choose the right casino by reading as much as you can about online casinos, starting by carefully reading all pages on our website. Apart from that we always advice you to read multiple sources and not to trust a single source alone. Always read the website of the online casino, check what is written about their licence and safety procedures, but do also check what reviews other gamblers are writing about their gambling experiences at the online casino you are eyeing.

Connections with the casino

When you are making your credit card transaction to the online casino it is important to check if the connection is secured. You can see this in your internet browser by looking at the web address (URL) of the online casino. A normal website beings with http:// – while a secured connection to a website starts with https://. Sometimes secured pages also have a certain safety certificate which denotes the encryption used to secure your data.

It can be that the main page of an online casino do not have such security pages or certificates – which does not have to be a bad thing necessarily. What is important is to check whether this is visible at the page where you need to fill out and transmit your credit card details, because otherwise it might mean that you are taking a risk.

Broadly speaking casinos in European countries, the Caribbean and in North America are safe to play at. If a casino is licensed in one of these countries or areas you can assume they are regulated and thoroughly checked by local gaming authorities. It does not have to be strange for a casino to be located on a small Caribbean island, because these places are often tax havens for companies in the casino business (just like many banks are also based in such countries!). Do take some extra care with casinos which are based in Costa Rica, because the gambling laws and licences in this country are less strict.

How long does it take until my credit card payment is processed?

One of the biggest reasons why paying with your credit card is so popular with gamblers has to do with the fast payment processions. Where a bank transfer from your account to the casino might take several days for it to be processed, this is totally not the case when it comes to your credit card. From the moment you click on ‘pay’ you will see that the amount will be almost immediately added to your online casino account. Most often the amount is already visible after just a few seconds and you will often get a payment confirmation almost immediately as well.

Some casinos say that a credit card transaction might last up to ten minutes. This is however a very slow indication which only shows the maximum transaction time in some extreme cases. The great majority of the casinos – whether they are located in a country close by or at the other side of the world – will have the money available immediately to start gambling with.

Are there transaction costs when using my credit card?

Most casinos do not charge transaction costs when paying with credit card. The same counts for most credit card companies and banks (although that is something you need to check with your own bank or credit card company). It can be however the case that some casinos might charge a small amount or percentage of every transaction. Most of the times, the amount of money involved will not be higher than a few euros or dollars in transaction costs. Some casinos only ask for transaction costs if the money you want to deposit is very small, as the costs they have to make for the payment are relatively big compared to bigger payments of 1,000 euro or more.

Casinos who ask for transaction costs are however a minority and it is not that hard to find a casino which does not charge any costs if this is important for you. If costs are being levied a casino will always clearly note this – both on their information page as on the payment page where you have to proceed with your transaction.

What if I need to pay in a different currency?

It can be the case that when you are a playing at a foreign-based casino that you have to pay in a currency different than the one you have in your own country. By far the most common currencies with online casinos are US dollars, British pounds and euros – with some casinos accepting multiple currencies while others might only accept one. It is however never a problem to pay in a different currency with your credit card as the exchange rate will automatically be calculated. Keep a close watch what the currency is which is being used for gambling. Except for the known symbols such as the dollar sign ($) universal abbreviations are often being used: USD for the American dollar, GBP for the British pound and EUR for the euro.

The exact exchange rate will be determined by your own bank or credit card company. If you want to know the exact exchange rate of the day, you will have to look at what the website of your bank or credit card company is listing. Often they will have special pages where these rates are being published. If this is not the case we advice to check the website – one of the most widely used websites in the world where official exchange rates are being given and where you can make conversions. Do take note that this is the official exchange rate, for example as used on the stock exchange and in currency trade. All banks and credit card companies will have a rate which will slightly differ from this because they will make of course some costs when virtually exchanging your money.

What to do if I encounter problems with my payment?

If you have read all of the above and you still did not manage to make a payment to an online casino we advice you to first contact your bank or credit card company to see if everything on your side is being cleared and your credit card is functioning normally.

We also always advice you to be patient: even though a payment might have seemingly succeeded at first sight, but the amount of money is still not added to the your online casino account, this can all be very normal and it might mean that the amount still needs to be processed. Just take a cup of coffee, log out and log in again with your online casino account and check if the amount is being added to your account right now. Nowadays people often shout out something the moment something does not seem to work because they have the expectation that everything on the internet runs smoothly and is instantly processed. This is actually often the case, but sometimes it just takes slightly more time for things to be processed and you should be a bit more patient.

Contact with the casino

In the case that you really cannot make the transaction to succeed and your bank or credit card company tell you there are no problems at their side it might be time to contact the online casino. It can be the case that some settings to your online casino account might not be right. We advice the same when you have successfully made your transaction, the money is deducted from your credit card and is visible on your card statement, but the money has not yet appeared on your online casino account. Money can never disappear completely and with a credit card statement in hand as proof an online casino is always able to check where the money has gone and why it has not yet appeared on your online account.

The chance that such problems appear is extremely small as more than 99.9% of all gamblers are never encountering any problem whatsoever when paying with their credit card. And of those 0.01% of the people who unfortunately do face problems, most of the problems are easily solved after a quick email or phone call to the bank, credit card company or online casino.


We do advise everyone to make sure that all your steps are being thoroughly documented. Always make sure you have access to your credit card statements if needed and that you never throw these away (or make sure that you can always access them virtually). If something might be wrong, some form of proof will always come in handy as it will only aid with finding a speedy solution to your problem.

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