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How do i get a credit card?

As gambling with a credit card has so many advantages compared to other payment methods it is a beloved way for many gamblers to pay and play at online casinos. Many people nowadays have a credit card in their wallet, but it can also be that you might not have one yet. Below we will list a few popular ways how you can get a credit card and what the requirements are.

How you get a credit card

Can everyone get a credit card?

The short answer to this is “yes” – although there are a few exceptions to the rule. First of all, this question highly depends on the country you are based in to start with, with some countries seemingly giving dozens of credit cards away to about every citizen without any real requirement (the USA) or countries where it is all a bit more strict (Europe). You do have to be over the age of 18 to ask for a credit card with your own bank or with an independent credit card company. Depending on the issuer of the card, there can be a few requirements which the issuing company will check if you comply with them. Below we are listing the most common requirements, but it can be that some banks have additional or slightly different demands.

– A stable income: you will have to give proof that you receive a fixed monthly salary of your employer. Most of the times you need to proof this by sending a copy of your contract and/or some bank account slips where you can show that you have received at least three times a monthly salary.

– No default registration. Some countries have special registries where people are listed when they have previously failed to repay debts, such as for example a previous credit card where amounts have never been fully paid back. This can wildly differ from country to country – so we advice you to check local sources to tell you about the ins and outs of the national laws where you live.

– Minimum age of 18 years old. As the minimum age for gambling at online casinos is 18 as well, this demand does not make much difference for gamblers.

– A valid place of residence. In order to get a card in a certain country, you will have need a postal address where you are registered. There are exceptions possible if you are a citizen from the country where you want to get a credit card from, but are currently residing abroad. Inquire with your bank or credit card company for the exact requirements.

Can I own multiple credit cards?

Yes this is certainly possible – at least if you have never defaulted before or have outstanding debts which might be visible in national registries.

Do I need to pay for a credit card?

For most credit cards you need to pay a fixed yearly amount in fees. This can differ wildly between bank or credit card company, so it is always a good option to check out different offers so you can decide which is most suitable for you. It is not always the case that the company with the lowest costs is always the best. Credit cards with higher fees might often have very attractive advantages which you will not have with a normal credit card. Think about cards that offer a free travel insurance or other freebies such as a free gym membership of magazine subscription. There are also many credit cards where you can collect bonus points with every payment you make, which can be very attractive for people who spend a lot of money on daily purchases. Even though the yearly costs might be higher, you will easily earn those costs back. It pays off to shop around which card is the best for you.

Credit card through your bank

The most straightforward option by far is to get a credit card from your own bank. This has the great advantage – independent from whichever bank it may be – that your card is directly connected to your bank account. This is easy because it often allows for your credit card spending to be automatically withdrawn once a month from your bank account without you needing to to anything for it (apart from making sure you have enough money on your account).

Credit card through independent commercial parties

There are many reasons to take a credit card from an independent card issuer and not from your bank. The biggest disadvantage is that not always your spending can be automatically deducted from your bank account and that you might need to make sure by yourself that you pay off your credit card debts in time by transferring money to your card (of course you will always receive a statement per post or email). But apart from that disadvantage there can be many advantages, especially when it comes to collecting points for each euro or dollar you spend with your credit card – points which can later be exchanged for many services such as free hotel nights or flight tickets.

What if I cannot get a credit card?

If your income might not be as high enough as required, if you do not have a fixed job, or might have defaulted, it can be the case that you cannot get a credit card. But do not fear, as there is a good alternative for such situations: using a prepaid credit card. These cards work the same as a real credit card, with the sole difference that they do not give you any credit. With a normal credit card, you may be able to spend up to a few thousand euros and you later have to pay this back. With a prepaid card, this is impossible. You can only spend the amount which you have deposited yourself on the prepaid card.

In the next chapter about “other payment methods” for online casinos we will explain you what a prepaid credit card exactly entails and how you can get such a card.

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