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What if I do not have a credit card?

Of course it is possible to gamble at online casinos if you do not have a credit card or if you just prefer not to use your credit card. Even though the credit card most of the times has the advantage that it is the fastest way to get money on your online casino account, other payment methods do have their own advantages. The many people who cannot get a credit card or might not want to use it for ethical reasons do not have to despair as the payment methods listed below will also ensure that you gamble at online casinos.

Do note that not every casino is offering all payments methods listed below. Check first with the online casino which you are eyeing if they do indeed offer your payment method of choice.

Other payment options

Debit Card

The normal bank card, commonly known as the debit card, is the direct opposite of the credit card. Where you get your money with a credit card on a credit and have to pay it back at a later point, this is not the case with the debit card. You can spend as much as you want until you reached the daily limit of your card or have gone through all of your savings on your account.

Some casinos do give the option to pay with a debit card – but do check carefully if also the exact card (for example visa electron debit card) is offered as a valid payment option. It can be that you do have to confirm your payment through a special app, text message, or verification device issued by your bank.

Pay-outs on your debit card are impossible – you would have to choose a different option for this, for example a bank transfer.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid bank cards are debit cards which are not linked to your own bank account and where you first need to deposit some money on before they will work. You can request such cards from many online providers and even some from banks. When the card is being issued it will have no money on it and you therefore cannot yet use it. You will first have to deposit some money on it.

If there is a certain amount on the card (let’s take the example of 2.000 euro in this case) then the card will work in the exact same way as a credit card with a 2.000 euro limit. You can spend this amount of money with an online casino until the moment when you will hit the full limit and have 0 available. You can manually recharge these cards at shops or use internet banking or special websites. It is a good option for those among of us who cannot get a real credit card, for example because they have defaulted or because their income is too low.

Prepaid cards also make use of the popular banking systems of MasterCard and Visa, just like normal credit cards. If you fill in the payment form at an online casino their systems will not recognise the difference between your prepaid card and a real credit card. You can therefore just select credit card as payment option when you want to pay. Your prepaid card will have a name, number and expiry date which you need to fill in when making a payment, just like with a normal credit card.

As we wrote before, there are several providers which offer prepaid card services. We can personally recommend the cards of Paysafe because this is one of the most common brands and most widely used among gamblers. Paysafe cards can be bought in many stores or acquired online. Another widely used prepaid card provider is Ukash.

One big disadvantage of prepaid cards is that it is not always technically possible for the casino to cash out any gambling profits on it if you were to get some nice winnings. You would need to select another pay-out option if this applies.


One of the most popular alternatives nowadays for a credit card among online gamblers is the e-wallet. The ‘e’ in e-wallet stands for electronic, so basically it is an electronic wallet. You can see it as a digital bank account of wallet where you can deposit money, and which you can instantly use afterwards to spend money or to deposit it on your online casino account.

The big advantage of such e-wallets is that they are accepted by a growing number of online casinos and that the transaction speeds are close to those of a credit card. Also the transaction costs are very low in comparison to other payment methods such as a bank transfer. It is also a very simple way to have any casino profits cashed out. When you have received your winnings in your e-wallet, you can choose if you perhaps want to transfer it onwards to your bank account. Most e-wallet providers also have the opportunity for you to request a bank card connected to your e-wallet so you can also spend the money in your wallet with your card in shops.

Another great advantage is the privacy, as personal details will remain hidden when you make use of the e-wallet as a step in between the casino and your own bank account. It is not easily possible for anyone to have a look at your e-wallet account to see that a casino has just cashed out your big winnings. If you transfer an amount from your e-wallet to your bank account it will only show on your account as some money which you received from your e-wallet.

There are a number of e-wallets available and they all work more or less the same. The most popular e-wallets are:

– Skrill (this is also known as Moneybookers, which was the previous name of this e-wallet)
– Click and Buy
– Ukash
– Paypal
– Neteller
– PaySafe

Casinos do not always accept all of the above e-wallets. You will have to check with each individual online casino if also your e-wallet is being accepted. The most popular options in the online casino world are Neteller and Skrill. These two have the biggest chance of being accepted by online casinos both to have money deposited to your casino account as well as having your earnings cashed out.

E-wallets can be opened for free and the whole process can simply be done online. You would need to provide some banking details, such as your bank account number or a credit card number as it is a requirement that you need to deposit money to your e-wallet from a verified source to confirm the account for usage. It can take a couple of days before your e-wallet is ready for use, after which you can deposit money into it from your own bank account – and then to immediately deposit it with an online casino so you can start playing.

Neteller and Skrill also have the option to issue a bank card which is connected to your e-wallet, which is a handy way to spend your hard-earned gambling profits.

Bank transfers

The good old bank transfer is a payment options which is possible with most online casinos. Even though it is a very popular method to have your winnings cashed out as bigger amounts can be transferred at once, it is not the most popular method when it comes to depositing money to your online casino account. This has to do with the amount of time it takes to complete transactions, especially if you are transferring the amount to a casino with a bank account in a faraway location (for example from a bank in the European SEPA banking zone – the Single Euro Payments Area – to a bank in the Caribbean).

There are however reasons why the bank transfer is still a favourite payment method for many gamblers to deposit money to their online accounts. First of all, the bank transfer is almost universally accepted among casinos. Second, many high rollers and big spenders who want to deposit a large sum of money to their online casino account might often find this to be the only good option as some casinos have limits to each individual credit card payment.

How does a bank transfer work?

Transferring money to your online casino account works in the exact same way as you would pay a bill in your own household. Most of us nowadays use internet banking and know exactly how they can make a bank transfer with it – the only difference is that you might have to select the option to make a transfer abroad instead of in your home country if the casino is located in a different country which is most likely the case. On the payment page of the online casino you will find all information which you need to complete the transfer, such as the account number of the casino (often in European IBAN format), the name of the bank and the location. If you do need more details of the casino to complete the bank transfer, do contact the help desk.

Payments within the European SEPA banking zone will be received and processed by the casino between 2 to 4 or 5 working days. It will not be possible to instantly start gambling after you made the transfer, unfortunately, so you will have to be a bit patient. If you transfer money to a more faraway country it can take even up to 1 or 2 weeks until the money has arrived and is processed.

Transaction costs for transfer abroad

Do note that your bank might charge some transaction costs when you make a bank transfer to an online casino if the casino’s bank account is located in a foreign country. You might also have to take into account different currencies. If you want to transfer some money to a casino where they use American dollars as currency, you will have to make a transfer with dollars (USD) set as currency – even if your bank account might for example be in euros. Your bank will then automatically calculate the exchange rate based on their daily rates and will withdraw the money from your account in euros and pay it to the casino in dollars. It can be that the total transaction costs will be a bit higher this way. Your own bank can explain exactly what the exact costs will be and how such transfers do work if you might have questions and do not have that much experiences with transferring money to accounts abroad.

Western Union and money wiring services

Theoretically it is also possible to wire an amount to the casino’s bank account by using wiring and payment services such as those of Western Union or Moneygram. You just have to visit one of the many offices, banks or agencies who are connected to their services (easily recognised by their logos), fill in a form where you note the destination of your money – and it can be transferred through the wiring agency on the right account. You will have to deliver the money cash, or pay with your bank card at the agency.

The time frame of such a transaction will be the same as with a normal bank transfer, but it will be a lot more of a time-consuming affair. The tariffs will also be many times higher than with a simple bank transfer. But if for whatever reason you cannot use the services of your own bank (in a weird case that you are abroad and have lost your bank card to confirm any order) this might be an option to help you out.


It is nowadays also possible to gamble at online casinos with so-called cryptocurrencies: the category of digital currencies of which Bitcoin is a part. At this moment, many people do own some of these currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or whatever other cryptocurrencies there currently is in existence. Some people do buy these coins to bank on an increase in their value so they can hopefully make a nice profit – but for many others these virtual currencies are also a useful payment tool. Many internet shops nowadays accept Bitcoin, and some casinos do too.

There are nowadays even special Bitcoin casinos which purely market themselves to people owning some cryptocurrencies. But there are also plenty of normal online casinos where Bitcoin is accepted as a legal payment form. It often has the advantage that eventual transaction costs are relatively low when compared to for example the good old bank transfer. Another advantage is the anonymity of Bitcoin which is much greater when compared to the current crop of payment methods as Bitcoin is not regulated by central governments and banking authorities.

Disadvantages of gambling with Bitcoin

Gambling with Bitcoin also has a few disadvantages. As Bitcoin is getting increasingly popular, it also has the unfortunate side effect that the length of transactions has nowadays almost become almost as slow as normal bank transfers. The speed of which Bitcoin was famed earlier has unfortunately a bit disappeared. A big disadvantage against the credit card is that most credit card companies do insure online payments. Even normal bank transfers are often protected by banking authorities – but Bitcoin is designed to be completely outside of the scope of government involvement. This of course has its positive aspects, but it can also has its negative aspects when it comes to internet purchases (which technically the buying of ‘chips’ for your online casino account is).

If you do want to gamble with using Bitcoins, you would first need to acquire some of it on one of the many cryptocurrency trade platforms. The best way to by Bitcoin is by using your credit card. If you do not own any cryptocurrency we would say that acquiring them is an unneeded extra step if your only goal is to gamble at an online casino and you are better off using your credit card or making a simple bank transfer.


Nowadays it is not really possible anymore to write out a cheque from your bank and sent it to the online casino to top up your online account. It is however sometimes possible for the casino to pay you out with a cheque. The casino will then post you a cheque issued by their bank for the exact value of your winnings.

As this payment method requires you to wait for the casino’s bank to have issued a cheque, and would also require you to wait for the postal services to send the cheque to your home mailbox, it is by far the slowest and most difficult of all possible methods. If you want to choose for this method it is handy to check first with your own bank if it is possible to cash out a cheque in the first place, as nowadays many banks do not offer this anymore as a method.

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