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Pay out gambling profits on your card

How do I pay out my casino profits on my credit card?

An equally important question related to payments is of course what is the best way to pay out your gambling profit after winning at an online casino. It is often like this that an online casino has to cash you out in the exact same way as how you deposited the money in the first place, which means that if you paid with credit card any potential earnings will also be deposited back on your card. We will explain below how this procedure works.

All questions and answers about paying out with a creditcard in a online casino

Paying out on your credit card

The exact pay-out method does slightly differ from casino to casino. In the easiest case the casino will have remembered your credit card details and knows on which card your profits have to be deposited back. In other cases you will again have to fill in a form with your card number, name and expiry date, perhaps even complemented this time with a number of a bank account to which the card might be linked (if you do not know this, do contact your credit card company).

Additional documentation

Your first pay-out moment of your gambling profits is an unique moment and something to be proud of. But also for the casino the first cash out to you is an unique moment. Often, the casino wants to check if the gambling profits are really paid out to the rightful owner of the online casino account and that this person is also the rightful owner of the credit card. To check this, a casino might demand a copy of your credit card and passport, something which is a perfectly normal step (sometimes a casino is required to do so due to local laws).

You might have to send a picture or scan of your passport (the page on which your name/picture is printed) as well as a copy of the front and back side of your credit card. It is important that the picture or scan are of good quality and that everything is clearly readable. We do advice you to make the middle numbers on your credit card copy unreadable so that only the first four and last four digits can be seen. You can do this digitally in a programme like Photoshop or paint, or if you use an old-fashioned printed copy or scan you can of course use a marker. It is not the case that if you do not do this the casino will abuse your credit card details, but it is an additional safety step which most people take and which is widely accepted by most casinos as they can still verify your card by the first four and last four digits.

When will my gambling profits appear on my credit card?

Usually it will take between 1 and 3 working days before your gambling profit is added to your credit card from the moment your pay-out request is accepted. Most of the times it is the case that your first ever pay-out at a specific casino will take a bit longer because each casino does want to thoroughly check your information, but you will see that any future pay-outs at the same casino (if you use the same pay-out method) will go a lot faster.

Can I deposit gambling profits from my credit card to my bank account?

If your gambling profits have appeared on your card, you can of course immediately spend your earnings at stores or online shops. But in the case your gambling earnings are quite a big amount, most people do not like it too much to have this much money pending on their credit card and they rather see it deposited on their bank account.

Luckily most credit cards have easy options to put money from your credit card on your bank account. Most credit card companies and banks have the option to handle all credit card business on the internet when logging in to your online credit card statement. This would work roughly the same as you would do with internet banking with your own bank. Most credit cards have an online option where you can transfer funds on your credit to an account of your choice, although some cards have limited this option only to the personal bank account to which your card is linked. You type the amount of money which you want to transfer, the account number – and you will have the money within one day on your bank account. Do take note: it can be that your credit card issuer charges transaction costs for this. This should always clearly be visible when making the transaction.

Of course you can also withdraw money from an ATM using your credit card and get your casino earnings in cash – which you can then deposit on your bank account later. We do have to say that the costs will be higher in most cases as many credit cards charge a fee when withdrawing cash money. Especially when we are talking about big gambling profits, this means you would have to withdraw money quite a few times and this is not the most ideal way to take money from your credit card.

Do casinos have pay-out limits for credit cards?

It does not matter much which pay-out method you choose: you will see that most online casinos do have some kind of maximum limit per transaction. This can be both a maximum amount which can be paid out in one single transaction on your credit card, but also a minimum amount, as otherwise the costs incurred by the casino for the transaction would be relatively too high. Sometimes there are also time limits, for example a rule that you can only cash out a certain amount once a day or once a week. Check the terms and conditions carefully of each online casino when it comes to their exact pay out methods.

What if I win more than the highest pay-out limit?

You do not have to be afraid that you will never be able to get your gambling profits paid out if the amount happens to be higher than the highest pay-out limit of the casino. You will always have the right to the money you won – unless you might lose it in the meanwhile again during gambling! It can be the case however that you might need to be a bit more patient or to select another pay-out method instead of depositing your earnings back on your credit card.

In almost all cases it is possible to also pay out enormously high amounts on your credit card. Let’s take the example in which you have just won 30.000 euro and the casino has a limit of 6.000 euro per transaction per day. You can often directly request the pay-out of the entire 30.000 euro, but this will be handled in five terms – with the last 6.000 euro of the 30.000 in total being paid out on day 5.

If this does not work for you, and you rather receive the amount of money in one single transaction directly on your account, it might be possible to select another pay-out method. In such cases we advice you to contact the casino help desk to ask what is the best pay-out method in your case.

What is the meaning of pending time?

A term which is often mentioned on the websites of online casinos when looking at pay-outs is ‘pending time’. If you request to withdraw your gambling profits you will see that your request will almost always be placed first in this category. Some websites also use the similar term ‘pending period’ for this.

This simply means that your submitted pay-out request has been received by the casino and is in the queue waiting to be processed. There is nothing else you need to do and there is nothing to get worried about. After a while you will see that your pay-out request will indeed be processed by the online casino. Only after the payment has gone out of the pending time will the casino actively start to pay you out and file the request to their own bank with the processing order.

Most online casinos have written on their websites how long this process usually takes. Do take into account that if it is written that pending time can take up to two days, this always means working days. It does depend on the exact platform a casino uses and the exact pay-out method which you chose, but normally pending time can last from several hours to up to four days.

Can I cancel a pay-out request?

It is often possible to cancel a pay-out request and to make sure the money is put back on your online casino account. This can be handy if you get second thoughts and rather want to keep the money on your online account to gamble a bit more, or if you want to pay out the amount in a different way than you have asked for in your request. This is however not possible at every casino and is only possible if your payment request is still listed as in pending time. You can find the option to cancel your pay-out under the terms ‘rollback’ or ‘withdrawal reverse’.

Are urgent payments possible to get my money faster?

We all know the situation: you just won a nice amount and want to have it paid out as soon as possible. Some are willing to pay a bit extra if it means they have the money faster on their credit card or on their bank account.

Unfortunately not all casinos have such an option. If a casino does have this as an option, it means that the casino will handle your pay-out request immediately and will skip the ‘pending time’ to which every withdrawal normally has to go through first. This can mean the process will be speeded up from several hours to up to four days – depending on how long the pending time usually takes at a certain casino.


Requesting an urgent pay-out does however have no influence on how fast the bank of the online casino (and your own bank) will process the request. Requesting an urgent pay-out only means that a casino employee will give your withdrawal request the priority above all other pay-outs of others. It can be sometimes the case that this is only possible for high rollers or if specifically requested with the online help desk. In most cases the casino will ask some extra amount in transaction costs.

If urgent payments are available for everyone they are usually visible on the online casino website under the term ‘manual flushing’. If you do not see this term, you can always contact the casino help desk as it can be the case that a casino does has it as an option, but does not want it to be publicly known for all.

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